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The concept of carrying out further processing work on print products directly in the offset printing machine was formulated by the inventor Daniel Ruprecht with his former company, Ruprecht Handels AG in Krauchthal / Switzerland. The invention came into being as a result of a growing customer demand to carry out further processing jobs more efficiently and economically. In 1995, the first generation to have been inspired by this idea - the "Perf-Print-Plus® system" (in short PPP® system) - was presented at the Drupa trade fair.

At that time this idea was met with extensive scepticism. However, the years that followed and further experience gained affirmed the extensive potential of the system, which was underlined by the growing numbers of satisfied users.


As a result of the increasing number of customers who recognised the advantages of the PPP system, it was decided in 2001 that the entire project would be developed for the future in the form of an independent company, under the name PPP International AG.

In Switzerland the number of regular PPP users grew to over 200 companies, whilst interested printing shops around the world were also successfully equipped with PPP systems with the support of commercial partners.


The system was subjected to a constant improvement process and new innovations were also sought, leading to the introduction of the "PPP® carrier plate" for OZH and OHT letterpress cylinders, which resulted in the revolutionary simplification of work on these devices.


In order to improve the company's presence within the EU and to provide better support to European PPP users, a subsidiary company - PPP Europe GmbH - was founded in Leipzig, Germany in spring 2006.


As a fitting expansion to the portfolio and to improve customer support, the company agreed exclusive rights to represent the products of Technifold (UK), global market leader in the field of creasing technology, in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.


It was possible to appropriately expand the range of devices in 2009, to include the innovative perforating, cutting and creasing machines from CreaseStream (UK). Likewise, as the exclusive commercial partner for Switzerland and Lichtenstein.


Development and launch of the second Generation PPP Carrier-Plates for OHZ Letterpresses with integrated magnetic-layer, to enable an easy and flexible positioning of non-adhesive perforating or die-cutting plates.


With the first equipment of an inline finishing system (PPP-LF) on the KBA Rapida 205 (currently the largest sheetfed-press in the world market), we have repeatedly proven our strength in XXL machine-sizes supply.


Over 40 Resellers worldwide.


Supplied to 50 countries worldwide.

Through constant development of our innovative range and many years of experience, today we are able to offer you fitting and time-saving solutions across the field of conventional print refinement and further processing, enabling you to meet with every challenge.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the world of PPP, Technifold and CreaseStream.

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